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Window tint is symbolized as a thin laminate film that is installed on the inside or outside of glass surfaces in automobiles (cars, vans, etc.) and boats. Window tinting Avon CT is also sometimes used in the interior or exterior shielding of glass in homes and buildings. It is usually designed from polyethylene terephthalate known as PET, which is a thermoplastic polymer resin from the polyester series, popularly in use due to its clarity; compliant durability, dimensional stability, and it accept a variety of surface- employed or ingrained treatments. Usually, professional window tint service companies help with the installation window film but you can also find many DIY kits widely available. We always suggest you to get in touch of a professional rather than performing DIY.

What can a Window tint be used for?

There are many different qualities, tints, colors, and densities of available window tint built to offer solutions to overcome a variety of conflicts. Window tinting is a revamp, the upgrade for existing glass to be used to respond to problems intrinsic to enameling, including:

Lower heat and dazzle
Thermal insulation
UV protection
Decoration and branding
Protection from scratches

Window films are a cost-effective technique to help you lower heat and cooling situations by curtailing the heat transfer through varnishing. All films available in the market are not suitable to work with all glass types as well. One must review the absorbance effect of the glass and the tint, the pane size, the thickness of the glass, the explication of the window concerning the pane & glass types, processed, laminated, or reinforced.

How can you get best Window tinting in Avon CT? 

Automotive window tinting is often a service offered based on a custom request. Other than refining manifestation and privacy, the UV protection and heat-repudiating characteristics of window tinting Avon CT make it an indispensable for automotive enthusiasts. From the darkness to light, you may decide the darkness to suit your needs. Irrespective of the amount of window tint darkness, the UV and protection from infrared rays remain the same. There are many car owners who are choosing to use tinting. Windshield tint will help you lower glare at day and night, plus this offers you protection from the UV rays on your dashboard, leather, and plastics. Visibility from outside is very nice and clear even at nighttimes. We are also experts at vintage and luxury car and other auto detailing. We are passionate with our work every time we meet a new customer, always with the utmost perfection for the car enthusiasts.

Incognito Tints is an authorized tint dealer offering high-quality installation and personal service throughout the Avon and surrounding towns. From beginning to end, our team strive to offer high customer satisfaction. We have a qualified team who is experienced at achieving tested and verified efficiency standards for tint installation distinction, product comprehension, and quality customer service. Our window tints are one of the most common window films used. If it is an issue about solar heat gain, heat loss, privacy, or fading issue, Incognito tints has the best quality choice available. Our customers always rely on our professional expertise to resolve their challenges, secure their cars, homes and businesses and to enhance the quality of their lives. Incognito Tints is a professional window tinting company with specialisation in residential and commercial window film installations throughout Avon, West Hartford, Bloomfield, Farmington, and Simsbury.

Window Tinting Service

Buy Best Quality Window Tints

We strive to achieve perfection throughout the process starting from a personalized consultation to understand your individual needs which allow for the critical film selection, to the actual installation. Finding the right film for yourcar, home or business is our job, with thousands of completed installations. Being a quality tint dealer, our reputation is the earned title and not freely given to us without merit. Our 5-star rating is something we are very much proud of and service that we offer to deliver daily. We look forward to work together with you for your next residential or commercial window tinting.

We believe that the blend of our outstanding service, price, ease, and quality is something that is almost impossible to match anywhere else! We always love to listen to the requirements of our prospects and we are very much confident so that we can offer the best solution! We only use industry standard Window Films to give your vehicle, home or business the BEST possible finish. We've integrated a unique quality control system for car window tint and all job types that has been designed over past years. This has helped us in an auto window tint finish that exceeds the expectations of all others. At no hidden cost, we always provide:

Quality & highly-experienced installers
Unmatched quality of customer service
Utmost quality films
Professional service
Thing that makes us unique
Our window tints are available in both reflective and non-reflective finishes and are available in color or patterns that blend perfectly with various design and schemes. Being a top-rated brand that’s both properly marketed, manufactured and installed by Incognito tints, our products are envisioned, engineered, and fulfilled with a deep consideration with the technology and marketplace requirements. Our expert knowledge helps us to be a thoughtful, industry asset for offering our quality products, and a trusted source to consumers for window film solutions. We’re happy with the recognition that we’ve received from our passionate efforts and we are highly dedicated to do this more with every passing day, from enhancement of processes to our evergreen product designs.
There’s a high chance something will diminish the beauty on your new car. Our film beautifully helps you protect the quality, even when you can’t. You can have your window tints professionally applied to the high-influential, perilous areas of your automotbile. The film has high-end versatility and hugs very well curves and contours, which will make it easy for us to install and leaves no trace. We understand that not every car is the same, and not every owner has the similar requirements and needs, we serve a range of car preparation and protection. If you have bought a new car recently you’d surley like to consult our new car protection services department, let us know how we can help, get a quote now.

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