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Cars and other vehicles that have tinted windows look great and may look a little mysterious. Imagine a stretch Limo or Audi with black windows. Doesn’t this make you wonder who might be in those cars? Are they a recognised personality? You might sometime imagine yourself traveling in one of those. You might be in touch with someone who has their personal car or truck with few or all tinted windows, particularly when you belong to an area where it tends to have a heat blast during the summer season. You can see so many cars with a slight amount of tint at least right into the glass of their windows. Do you know that our window tinting in Bloomfield CT comes with a lot more benefits than you can ever imagine? Window tinting is something that most people want to have but not all can implement on their own automotives. This is probably because most of the states have laws that do not support applying tints to the vehicles.

Reasons why window tint is so important

1.    Safety of vehicle and travelers: Did you know that our window tinting Bloomfield CT is more than just an accessory and can keep the glass of your car from shattering during an accident? Window tint is designed to keep your auto glass from shattering in an accident or if something hits it. This states that you and your family are not prone to get severly injured from flying glass or from flying out of the car.

2.    Security and Privacy: When the windows on your car are meticulously tinted, you can enjoy your enhanced privacy and security which helps to make you and your valuables items kept inside safer. Due to tints, burglars won’t be able to peep into your automobile thus, they will be less likely to break in and steal.

3.    Impact on your Health: According to a study, a majority of skin disorders and problems happen on the left part of your body, which means the driver’s side is highly prone to get issues like skin cancer. Your windshield that is in front has built in UV protection, but the side windows don’t have it. Window tinting on the windows of your car work as a great way to block UV rays from the sun up to 99% which will protect you from potential skin issues in the future.

4.    Enhances your Comfort: When it’s hot weather out, the interior settings of your car gets heat up quite significantly. When the temperature in the outer environment reaches to 80 degrees, the temperature in your automobile can reach as high as 172 degrees! The best thing is that just with our window tinting Bloomfield CT into your vehicle, you can block the excessive heat coming from the sun to a great extent. Window tints save you money by reducing the need of air conditioning that you need to use to cool down the temperature your automotive.

5.    Seats lasts longer: Besides keeping your seats as well as the steering wheel cool, window tint for your vehicle can prevent your car’s soft furnishings from fading too quickly. Tints bought from Incognito Tints offer a protective shield to your leather interiors from staining and cracking due to the sunrays causing heat. This protection can help you to enhance the resale value of your car than one with no window tint.

Therefore, understand that window tinting has a lot more to offer than just to make your conveyance look cool. It keeps you cooler and protects people sitting in and your car’s interior from the harsh impact of intense exposure to sunrays. Incognito Tints is always open to hear from our customers and potential customers and if anyone have any doubts, contact our team for a discussion. If you or someone you know is interested in buying our window tinting, let us know today.

Window Tinting Service

Hire Professional Window Tinting In Bloomfield CT

Incognito Tints has been helping people to get the best suitable tints for their vehicles and more people are now understanding and accepting the important of a tint. Tint is something that doesn’t offer you privacy, security, and safety, but it will help you enjoy being with your friends and family in your vehicle. Some people might not consider having tints as an important thing but you must understand the benefits since it will even let you save yourself from unwanted awkwardness. 
NOTE - Please understand the rules and norms of your state regarding the window tints, before you contact us for tinting so that we can serve you accordingly. This will save you and us both from any unnecessary hassle. 
1.    When you have done proper installation of a tint, you can reduce the heat in your car by over 60%.
2.    Window tinting will keep your interior safe from fading by exposing with the UV rays which can also compromise the structure of the upholstery of your vehicle’s interior.
3.    Window tint allows you a safety because windows with tint can actually retain broken glass together and keep it from soaring in an accident, which will protect those sitting inside from being harmed or bruised.
4.    Tints are known to offer protection from the glare effect of the sun, as well as the bright headlights that spread dazzle from a coming car.
5.    If we consider from a privacy and security point of view, window tint helps to protect you by keeping the would-be thief to stay away that would otherwise easily ascertain what you have in your vehicle. Most thieves are looking a chance for a quick and want to make people an easy target to steal. The tint will create a barrier between your things kept in the vehicle and the thieves. 
6.    Window tint also makes your vehicles look stylish, classy, and fashionable when riding on the road.

If you want to get tints installed in your vehicles, you can let our team know about it. Incognito Tints will help you find the most suitable and efficient one.

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